Aim and Values

The motto of our college is: Saa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye [That is knowledge, which makes one free]. The Gujarati poet Sundaram’s renowned dictum—‘I am a human being, suffice it would be if I can be a man’— has been at the heart of our endeavor to offer a humanist education which upholds democratic principles and rejects discriminations along the lines of caste, community and gender. Our key objective has been to develop educational infrastructure in a backward, rural area such that the quality of higher education is made relevant to society through the dissemination of scientific temper and humanitarian ideals.

Savli Taluka and College

Savli is the Taluka head quarter and yet the entire Taluka is a socially, economically and educationally backward area. Until 1974, there was no provision for college education in this area. The nearest centre of higher education was MS University of Baroda, and only well-off students could afford this. The children from poor and disadvantaged people, particularly girls, were deprived of higher education. The Swamiji believed that it was of critical importance to widen the horizons of the youth of the area. The spread of higher education, he thought, would not only create employment opportunities for the youth but it would also be a stepping stone for development in this area as a whole and could lead to the eradication of orthodoxy and prejudices among people in Savli.

The Savli Taluka Kelvani Mandal drew inspiration from his ideas about higher education when they founded the College. It is for these reasons that our college is different from those in cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Vidyanagar. Its central commitment has always been to our local, rural context and our prime concern has been to offer higher education to (i) economically backward students of Savli Taluka who have scored good marks but cannot afford an education in the cities and (ii) students from the Taluka who have scored less percentage and therefore cannot get admission elsewhere. This has built a base of educated youth in the area which, in turn, has contributed to the progress of Savli Taluka.

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