General Infrastructure

The architecture of the College is very striking. The College has a sports ground, a beautiful garden, large classrooms, an auditorium, an audio-visual hall, a staff common room, office space, Principal’s suite, a well equipped Library, a Sports room, a Computer room, a Canteen and separate rooms for NCC, NSS and CWDC. The College has consistently built additional blocks as well as extra rooms to cope with the expansion of subjects and programmes over the years.

  • The college makes maximum use of its infrastructural facilities by organizing seminars, conferences and cultural functions throughout the year
  • The proceedings of all the activities, including the lectures and speeches,are recorded and are stored in computers.
  • The computer and audio-visual equipments are used quite often by our teaching staff as well as the members of the Nature-Adventure Club,Film Club and the College Women Development Cell to show educational films.
  • Local institutions avail of our Auditorium facilities to conduct Yoga Classes and many Social Welfare activities.
  • The College Sports Ground is used to the maximum during Youth Festivals and Local Functions. Sometimes, the Ground is given to external agencies to organize Science Fairs and Official Functions.
  • The infrastructural facilities are also extended to Government during election time for polling or counting purposes.


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