Research and Extension

In a rural college it is very easy for teachers to give up their interest in research as they have little access to libraries or an intellectual community. However, the teachers of our college have kept their research interests alive: 6 teachers have got M. Phil degrees and six others have got Ph D degrees. Quite a few of the teachers are involved in creative work, criticism and translation and have received state, national and international fellowships and recognition. The College has made available facilities that allow teachers to conduct research and to participate in seminars, conferences and workshops. The initiative to set up a College Research Committee (CRC) with a mandated budget to support in-house research is an index of our College’s commitment to research. Research activities conducted under the aegis of the CRC include a socio-economic survey of our students (Sociology Department) and a map of the anxiety levels of our students (Psychology Department).

Extra and co-curricular activities are also encouraged by the College. In the last 33 years we have arranged several lectures on various subjects by nationally and internationally renowned speakers. These lectures have always been inspirational and have helped to expand the horizons of our teachers as well as students. Besides, we have arranged seminars, workshops, memorial lecture series and annual conferences. We have always involved the people of the village in all our academic and cultural activities.

The College does most of its extension work through its NSS wing. It is through our extension activities that we build ties with villages in the surrounding area. In addition, the Alumni Association helps us to establish links with society at large through its active involvement in college affairs.

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